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Pik Up

Maxx Maxi Truck  
Presenting a vehicle where every feature is designed with your profit in mind. MaXX Maxi lets you load more than you ever did. It gives you more speed, more pick-up, more power and unmatched fuel economy. So you make more than ever before. Go ahead think big, achieve big and be as big as you ever wanted to be.
High Fuel Efficiency   
The DI Turbo engine, the largest selling UV engine in the country, delivers an unmatched fuel economy of 16 kmpl*.
Low Maintenance  

Like any Mahindra vehicle the Maxi Truck too will be low on maintenance costs and easy on your pockets

More Stability
Radial tyres and a rigid suspension make sure you're perfectly balanced whatever the road conditions.
More Safety
Strong new generation chassis and body gives you more durability and safety even with the heaviest of loads.
Big on Speed
Push the speedometer needle to a place it has never gone before. Hit speeds of 100 kmph. Do more trips per day. Earn much more than you ever did.
Big on Ground Clearance
Bigger radial tyres, rigid suspension and 180mm ground clearance allows you to go over speed breakers, potholes and craters without worrying about damage to the undercarriage.
Big on Loading Capacity
Load 900 kg with ease. Or over 150 kg more than any other vehicle in its class. And get the largest loading area with the flat bed cargo box.
Big on Power
The powerful 63 HP engine allows you to race up the steepest of inclines even with the heaviest of loads. Leaving other vehicles struggling far behind.
Bolero Pik Up






The new Bolero Pik-Up Flat Bed has a flat cargo box which opens on all three sides. Thus making loading and unloading effortlessly easy. But that’s not all. The new Flat Bed has everything that you’ve come to expect from the
Bolero Pik-Up. The powerful DI Turbo engine that refuses to compromise on fuel economy. The low turning radius that allows you to manoeuvre in the tightest spots. The new generation chassis and suspension that make the ride really comfortable. And of course, the low cost of maintenance that you’ll find in every Mahindra vehicle.


Unique features:-

Heavy duty rear axle

Fuel efficient DI Turbo engine


Flat & spacious cargo box


Cargo box that opens on 3 sides


Low maintenance cost


Low turning radius


Radial tyres


Heavy duty wheel rims

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