About Us

Pioneer of quality education and holistic growth

In 1954, the Government of Bihar set up Netarhat Vidyalaya,with the objective of promoting excellence. The experiment proved to be a success. It provided an opportunity to a number of young and intelligent students of Bihar to become ideal and successful citizens by fusing the traditional Indian values with the modern scientific attitude. The alumni of Netarhat Vidyalaya felt the need not only to keep the Netarhat spirit alive, but also to contribute effectively to the educational excellence of Bihar. Hence, the Alumni and the retired teachers resolved to set up a Residential School which would run on Netarhat pattern with certain modifications in the medium of instruction and curriculum. Vidya Vihar Residential School at Parora, Purnea, is an attempt to fulfill this long cherished dream.

Towards achieving aims and objectives of education

Vidya Vihar Residential School invites both male and female students from all parts of India and abroad with an objective to develop their potentialities in every walk of life. Promotion of excellence is the basic objective of this institution. Besides, achieving high academic standard, the school would like the students to develop an integrated personality. The school seeks to create conditions for an all-round development of character in which fraternity, equality and justice for all shall be the guiding principles. The main thrust is to provide the students an opportunity to imbibe scientific knowledge at an early stage through a rich and well-stacked library and computer education, and help them evolve scientific temper. Instead of limiting education as a method of instruction, various modalities and instruments are pressed into service to enable students to undertake free inquiry with confidence. Curricular and Co-curricular activities have been designed by experts to help students to imbibe sound moral values, a high degree of social responsibility, physical fitness and creativity.

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